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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Peeling the Pomelo

How to Peel A Pomelo

My husband Bob called eating pomelo a “clean and neat” experience. Unlike juicy orange or grapefruit, if you peel the pomelo the right way, their individual sacs stay firm and intact as shown in my video.
Pomelo, a relative of the grapefruit, originated in Malaysia. It is an ancient fruit that has been discovered by countless foreign travelers who took it to many far corners of the globe. Within the last decade, it was once again discovered and “introduced” to American consumers as the latest exotic fruit from Southeast Asia.
My Papa loved pomelo while I was growing up in Thailand. During the cool season, when pomelo, both white and pink varieties, were at their best, Papa would buy several. Our servant would peel them and arrange it neatly on a plate. She would save the thick aromatic rinds for Mama who hung them on the clothes line on our balcony to dry. She used these to brew tea to ease coughing spells.
Thai people eat pomelo as a snack with a mixture of salt, sugar and chili. They also make a wonderful salad with it. Yum (salad) Som-Oh (pomelo) is made with mounds of individually separated pomelo sacs, grilled pork, grilled shrimp, thin threads of kaffir lime leaf, roasted coconut match sticks and a rich dressing made with roasted chili paste and fresh coconut cream. Check out the recipe in my book, Cracking the Coconut, page 268.
On the other hand, you can create your own version of salad using pomelo. For example, mix chunks of pomelo with chunks of grilled beets, arugula, roasted almond slivers and a light vinaigrette dressing. Or, simply mix it with an ordinary green salad. It’s sweet and slightly tangy taste will turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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